Crime Reporting & Reduction

Making Waves

The WAVES Partnership, which is line managed by the BNENC provides a multi-agency approach to supporting local residents who have been a witness or victim of crime and are in fear of reporting it to the Police. It has been the National Winner of the Criminal Justice Awards for Engaging Communities. It provides opportunity for residents to confidentially report crimes, works to solve crime related problems, seeks to provide other activities for young people, reduce the fear of crime, and encourage a strategic response to crime in the area.

For more information please contact 0151 288 8400

Resident Reporting

The WAVES Project employs a dedicated community safety co-ordinator who is a retired police officer and has 30 years’ experience in working with victims and witnesses.

BNENC’s Projects Manager and Development Officer support the WAVES Co-ordinator on a daily basis. This small but dedicated team enable local residents to report in confidence any crime issues that may be affecting them.

Residents can report crime to the Project by the following means:

  • Dedicated Telephone Line
  • Drop in Surgery
  • BNENC City Safe Meeting
  • Home Visit
  • Resident Meeting

All information relating to the individuals personal contact details are kept in strictest confidence and are not passed on to any other Partner Agency without first receiving prior approval from the Victim to do so.

Problem Solving

Problem solving plays an important part in The WAVES Project with local residents highlighting issues and concerns.  Residents’ concerns are reported to The WAVES Task Group who then pull together key agencies who are able to look at resolving the issue. The WAVES Task Group has worked on a number of initiatives that has helped to either stop the problem completely or reduce the impact upon the resident.

This has included:

  • CCTV & Street Lighting
  • SMART Water
  • Alleygates and cobra spiking of walls
  • Removal of Teen shelters / flytipping / graffiti
  • Supporting Section 30 dispersal areas
  • Increased Hi Vis Policing in Hotspot ASB areas

Diversionary For Young People

The WAVES Project aims to reduce anti-social behaviour committed by young people.  WAVES believe that by targeting individuals at risk of offending and providing them with positive diversionary activities and 1 to 1 support we are able to steer them away from crime and criminal behaviour.

This has included:

  • Trips & Activities
  • Sporting Opportunities
  • 1 to 1 support
  • Group work
  • Partnership work with Schools / Parent Support Groups
  • Workshops on Gun Knife and gang crime
  • Workshops on Alcohol Drug & Substance abuse
  • Respect Your Life Your Choice Programmes
  • Joined up work with Community Justice Centre

Reducing Fear of Crime

The WAVES Project helps to reduce the level of fear of crime in the community by:

  • Increasing confidence in The Police and The Criminal Justice System
  • Providing a unique focus for residents to report issues
  • By delivering Community Safety Events
  • Keeping Communities & victims informed
  • By referring residents for Fire & Home Safety Checks
  • By referring residents for Target Hardening
  • By Issuing Personal attack alarms & mobile phones
  • By reducing barriers faced by victims
  • By making referrals for the removal of fly tipping / graffiti
  • By providing regular walkabouts in the community

Strategic Approach

In order for WAVES to be effective it has developed a 3-tier strategy to tackling Crime in the Community.

  1. Educational
  2. Preventative
  3. Punitive

Each arm of the strategy has a number of different partners delivering part of the strategy. This enables WAVES to pull in numerous resources in order to get best value.

As well as our own strategy The WAVES Project ensures that its strategy plays an integral part of other local based strategies that include:

  • Crime Reduction Strategy
  • Alcohol Reduction Strategy
  • North Liverpool Health Plan
  • Anfield Breckfield Regeneration Strategy