BNENC’s Kick Start 2 health programme emerged from The HIM Project ( health inclusion for men ) KS2H delivers a number of programmes under its umbrella these include: Befriending clubs: Walk & Cycle for health: Trips out: Keep warm: Arts and craft : Fitness & grow your own programmes:

This is a very successful programme engaging over 1,000 people during the year.

Kick Start Health Programmes

As well as our Centre based activities Kick Start to Health also deliver Programmes in sheltered schemes and other venues across the City.

Individuals on the programme funded via grants include:

Walk 4 Health

Cycle 4 Health

Chair based exercise

Trips Out



Wii Fit

Cooking on a budget

Mental health support

Circuit training

Walking football

BNENC’s HIM Project

BNENC’s HIM Project through research both local and nationally have found that the best way to inform men and young men of health issues is to go out to them. Armed with this information.

BNENC’s HIM Project has delivered health awareness events to men in the following locations:

Everton Football Club
Liverpool Football Club
​Sheltered Housing Units
Community Centres
Health Centres
Pubs & Clubs
Street Outreach
Betting Shops
Job Centres
Sports Centres
Shopping Centres

Outreach Delivery

It is important in order to get the message out to men that we continue to deliver outreach as it is proven that men are a difficult and hard to reach group.

The type of health information and free health checks we provide at these events is listed below:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Cholesterol measurement
  • Body mass index
  • Smoking cessation advice and demonstration of carbon monoxide monitor
  • Discussion of alcohol intake and breath testing using an alcometer
  • Opportunity to discuss sexual health issues including erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted infections
  • Advice on testicular awareness and prostate disease.

Grow your own programme

Our Kick Start to Health programme Grow your own programme has developed a number of award-winning initiatives that that proved to be a popular method of getting men and young men involved in healthy eating.

Our Kick start to Health programme now manages allotments and greenhouses within communities in North Liverpool with volunteers active in the project.

The Grow your own provides educational information on nutrition, diet,
healthy eating and how to cook on a budget and issues around the environment.

The grow your own project now delivers programmes for:

  • Junior Schools
  • Nurseries
  • North Liverpool Academy
  • Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council
  • The Lighthouse Project
  • Local Residents

This programme encourages children at a very early age to start to look at healthy eating and encourages them to pass this message on to their parents.

Health Outcomes:

  • Healthy weight
  • Increasing healthy eating & healthy lifestyles
  • Increasing Life Expectancy
  • Reducing death from heart disease
  • Increase well being